Guaranteed Health Insurance Comparisons

Guaranteed Insurance

Medical Health Insurance - Come One, Come All!

Guaranteed medical health insurance is a rare class of insurance product that manage to avoid medical underwriting. The application forms ask no medical questions, there are no height/weight requirements or limitations. Virtually anyone who applies is accepted.

Health insurance coverage can be very difficult to obtain. It often happens that even young, healthy applicants have trouble getting themselves insured. Guaranteed medical health insurance provides many advantages to those who would otherwise be unable to receive coverage under individual health plans.

It's important to watch out for companies that present themselves falsely as providers of guaranteed medical heath plans, and sell nothing more than money-wasting discount medical cards. In the case of serious illness, these insurance products provide limited and inadequate benefits.

Legitimate guaranteed issue health insurance is a service aimed towards those who are unable to obtain coverage due to the existence of pre-existing medical conditions. Although guaranteed medical health insurance provides limited benefits, it is an outstretched hand of hope, designed for customers that have been rejected by alternative providers due to medical issues or cost.

The Benefits of Guaranteed Medical Health Insurance

Acceptance is guaranteed. Benefits include doctor visits, hospital stays, prescriptions, surgery, blood tests, x-rays, emergency room services and much more. Even if you already have health insurance, our services can lower your monthly premium and increase coverage.

There are different types of guaranteed issue health plans. The first type is a plan commonly known as a “limited benefit” or “indemnity” plan. These plans have specific benefit levels for office visits, testing, hospital admission and surgery. Some of the higher end indemnity plans offer a considerable amount of benefits each year.

The second type of guaranteed health insurance plan is what is commonly referred to as the mini-medical plan. The mini-medical is a made up name for a plan that has less coverage than a major medical plan.

There is no accepted universal definition. This plan has actual co-pays for office visits, generic and brand-name prescriptions as well as coverage for testing, out-patient surgery, hospitalization and more. In appearances and use, it is very much like a major medical plan, but there are still annual limits.

Finally, there is the full major medical plan. True guaranteed issue health insurance is very hard to come by. This is a full guaranteed issue health plan that provides very extensive multi-million dollar health insurance coverage.

Almost all guaranteed issue health plans provides maternity benefits. The only general requirement is that the insured is not pregnant upon obtaining the guaranteed issue health insurance plan and there is no waiting period for the maternity benefits.

A guaranteed issue health insurance plan usually has a critical illness rider that pays a lump sum amount in the event that the insured suffers a heart attack, life-threatening cancer, stroke, kidney failure as well as a number of other illnesses.

Some guaranteed issue health plans include a small amount of critical illness coverage included in the plan. In addition, an inexpensive critical illness rider can be bought, adding up to $25,000 in critical illness coverage.

Guaranteed issue health plans can usually be “stacked” to provide the insured more health coverage. By stacking, the insured can purchase more than one plan and combine their coverage. Get a free quote today so you can begin enjoying hassle-free health benefits and financial security.