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No Health Insurance Rejection - Real Coverage You Can Afford

Is there a failsafe way to prevent health insurance rejection for a pre existing condition? Is it ever acceptable to manipulate a health insurance application in order to obtain healthcare coverage?

Major health insurance companies reject thousands of people every year, for reasons that a patient may not have ever expected. Many people wonder if it is OK to simply omit information that might lead to health insurance rejection from their application.

The short answer is no, this is in fact considered actual insurance fraud. Not only can a company suspend coverage if they discover that a person lied about their medical history, but will also force the patient to pay back the money for any medical care received under that policy. Honesty is the best policy, and in turn it will get you the best policy.

How can an insurance company find out if a person has lied on an application?

By applying for health insurance, you give the company permission to access your past medical history. An organization called the Medical Information Bureau, who is much like a credit reporting agency, provides the insurance companies with all kinds of medical records which they then use to determine a patients eligibility.

If you have, or have had, a pre-existing condition that may preclude you from being insured under a traditional plan, it is always best to be honest. If you do receive a Health Insurance rejection, a good Guaranteed Acceptance Health plan can be the answer.

Our company has provided medical insurance to tens of thousands of customers with pre-existing conditions ranging from diabetes to cancer to obesity, and continues to do so each day. We are proud of our record in assisting the public where others have failed them, as we believe that everyone should be entitled to these services, regardless of background or medical history.

Our agents can help you get real heath coverage - all pre existing conditions are covered! No one is rejected. Simply fill in the form and you'll be on your way to comprehensive medical insurance that you can afford.